2023 October Show


Monday, 2 October 2023

The Bill Spillstead Complex for Canine Affairs, 44 Luddenhand Rd, Orchard Hills NSW

🏵 JUDGE ~ Mr Per Lundstrom (Sweden)

🥇 BEST IN SHOW ~ Sup Ch Hartly Keep On Shining "Shine"
🥈 RUNNER-UP BEST IN SHOW ~ Ch Hartly That’s That "Monique"


Sup Ch Hartly Keep On Shining "Shine"
Best in Show, Open in Show
& Challenge Bitch
Ch Hartly That’s That "Monique"
R/U Best in Show, Australian Bred in Show
& Reserve Challenge Bitch


Sup Ch Hartly How About That "Arlo"
Opposite Best Open in Show
& Challenge Dog
Peerielee Hanging By A Moment "Drake"
Puppy in Show, Best Dog under 18 Months
& Reserve Challenge Dog


Gr Ch Beauideal Tres Chic "Aysha"
Best Neuter in Show & Neuter Challenge Bitch
Neut Ch Herdsman True Colours "Fudge"
Neuter Challenge Dog


Summerset All That Jazz "Jazzi"
Baby Puppy in Show
Charmhill Winstons Choice "Winston"
Minor Puppy in Show


Linhart When Love Comes T Town "Charlotte"
Junior in Show & Best Bitch under 18 Months
Ch Hartly Big Bang "Sheldon"
Intermediate in Show


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Baby Puppy Dog

1. Juzvee Just A Work Of Art

Young boy, for this age really well made. Excellent proportions in head, soft expression, well set ears which he holds well. With nice confidence. Very balanced angulation, all his bones parts are in balance. Has a long shoulder, long upper arm in balance with an excellent length and width of croup and thighs. Nice bone and feet, moves well for his age from all sides.  Coat is what you can expect for this age. A very promising young puppy.

2. Hartly Devine Intervention

Is a little high in the rear today, standing under himself. I think a little bit comes from the temperament he could have more self confidence. A Little wide set ears, nice proportions between length of skull and nose. Well set eyes on the correct place. Strong long neck, very good angulation in front, little bit steep in croup. Moves well when he wants to, really easy and with low step.


Minor Puppy Dog (Minor in Show)

1. Charmhill Winstons Choice

Most promising puppy shows the same profile standing and going, lovely topline already with a sweep over the loin. Very good head and expression well set and carried ears. Very balanced angulation, this also shows on the move, which is balanced low and effortless. Coat as expected for this age but you can see the correct straws are on their way out here and there. Correct bone and feet. Like him a lot.

2. Arajento Leave A Light On

Head could be a little bit more refine, little bit wide set ears. Eyes could be a bit better. Strong neck, a bit short rib cage but well sprung. Is a bit straight in upper arm and this effect the front movement and gives him a short side gait, loose coming and going. Balanced croup,  and hindquarters, but today a little unstable in the hocks which could also be seen on the move. Puppy coat you can expect at this age. Lovely sweet outgoing temperament.


Puppy Dog (Puppy in Show & Best Dog under 18mths)

1. Peerielee Hanging By A Moment (Reserve Dog Challenge)

Excellent type and proportions. Lovely neck, topline and underline. Well made head with correct strong underjaw, well set ears which he carries well. Strong bone and feet. Lovely ribcage and forechest for his age, strong croup excellent tail set. Excellent hindquarters. Moves effortless from side and completely true coming and going. Coat structure correct. Very promising puppy.


Intermediate Dog (Intermediate in Show)

1. Ch Hartly Big Bang

Well built male, which could have a little bit more refined head, excellent soft expression well set and well carried ears. Lovely rib cage and well filled out between the front legs. Nice topline and underline. Balanced angulated in rear, strong hocks and strong pasterns. Moving clean coming and going really low and effortless from the side. Correct coat structure.

2. Ch Juzvee Just Try N Catch Me

Beautiful profile standing, inclines to cross over when coming and going. Out toeing when standing. Shoulder and upper arm a bit upright with upright pastern which makes the movement a little bit loose and a bit short. Is better angulation in the rear which makes the movement a little unbalanced. Has a beautiful topline with a sweep over the loin. Lovely well made head with well set ears, soft expression and strong bite. 2nd because of front and movement.


Australian Bred Dog

1. Ch Hartly Twist Of Fate

Excellent type and proportions, he has a  well made head with soft expression and well carried ears. Beautiful topline could be better in front and more filled out between the elbows which would give more stable movements both from side and coming and going. Strong croup excellent knee and hock angle. Well sprung of ribs, although I would like more depth. Carried his tail nicely from side. Excellent coat. Lovely temperament.

2. Ch Beauideal Turn On The Charm

Beautiful outline standing and going. Coat not in best condition. Well laid shoulder and straight upper arm and becomes a little bit loose in elbows coming and going. Could be more filled out and have deeper in brisket. Very good croup, very good knee, could be tighter hock angle but carries himself very well from side, easy and effortless.

3. Ch Thurrana Tales O Blue

Merle male, 7 years old and also seen in the movement which could be a little easier and effortless. Strong head with fine lines and proportions. Could carry the ears a bit better. Well laid shoulder and upper arm with nice forechest, nice ribcage. Croup a bit steep, knee and hock angle is very good, nice sweep over the loin. Nice soft temperament.

4. Hartly Just Like That

Little wide between the ears and sometimes carries them a little bit too loose. Long neck, flat topline and on the move it is falling off. Could be more filled out in brisket and becomes a little narrow coming and going. Balanced side gait. Hocks a little bit soft. Size is on the bigger side, but proportions from ground to elbow, elbow to withers is very good. Coat good. Really good temperament.


Open Dog

1. Sup Ch Hartly How About That (Dog Challenge)

Excellent type and proportions. A little bit wide in skull, ears carried well. Lovely sweet expression strong jaws. Well laid shoulder, a bit straight in upper arm. Excellent top- and underline. Could be a bit more filled out between the front legs. Excellent hindquarters, with lovely width of thighs, strong in movement, gets a little bit high in front but really low and effortless with a beautiful profile from side. Correct coat.

2. Sup Ch Beauideal Playing It Cool

Big boy lovely profile while standing, beautiful neck and sweep over the loin a little bit too proud of his tail on the move. Balanced angulated front and rear, true coming and going. Very good from side gait. Head with nice proportions, stop in the right place, eyes nicely placed. Excellent coat and well presented.

3. Ch Blueswell Black Diamond

Excellent front, very good forechest, strong neck and very good topline, little bit weak in pasterns, strong croup which could be a bit wider. Nicely angulated in rear. Head of excellent proportions, strong underjaw, a bit round eyes which spoil the expression, a bit wide set ears. Moves well from side but really narrow coming and going even for this breed. Not in best coat condition today.

4. Ch Glenmurry Gold Rush By Nite

Excellent type, excellent head and expression. Well set ears, strong underjaw, lovely topline and neck. Although a bit upright in shoulder and upper arm and pasterns, tendency to toe in standing and coming and going and elbows a bit loose. Nice length of ribcage but could be deeper. Very good croup and tail set. Excellent coat structure. Moves well with a long stride but becomes a little loose and narrow in front.


Dog Challenge – Sup Ch Hartly How About That

Reserve Dog Challenge – Peerielee Hanging By A Moment



Baby Puppy Bitch (Baby Puppy in Show)

1. Summerset All That Jazz

Excellent puppy, lovely head and expression with all the correct details. Excellent conformation for this age, lovely sweep over the loin and well filled out between the front legs. Well ribbed back. Really promising puppy, moves well from all sides. Good luck in the future with this little one.

2. Juzvee Just A Poser

Also a well built puppy. Well laid back shoulder and upper arm, body needs to be deeper hopefully with come with time, breastbone could be a bit longer. Lovely head and expression, little bit wide set ears. Today a little bit weak in hocks, has a nice croup and well angulated knee. Moves very well, also a very promising puppy.


Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Charmhill Consuela

Excellent type, lovely neck and topline. A bit upright in front angulation, which throws the elbow out.   Although nice movement from side, a little loose coming and going. Lovely croup, knee and hock. Excellent tail set, although a little bit happy about it on the move. Lovely head and expression. Eyes to drown in, correct set ears, strong underjaw, excellent bone and feet. Coat on its way. Lovely little girl, good luck in the future.


Puppy Bitch

1. Lyndream That’s How U Do It

Excellent type and proportions, lovely outline which she keeps on the move. Well made head, eyes and stop on the correct place, well set ears, needs to develop underjaw. Long shoulder and upper arm, nice balance in hindquarters, strong broad croup of excellent length. Excellent bone and feet. Coat on its way.  A very promising little lady but she needs a little more confidence, good luck for the future.


Junior Bitch (Junior in Show & Best Bitch under 18mths)

1. Linhart When Love Comes T Town

Lovely bitch at the age of 13mths, well made with excellent angulation in front and rear, well ribbed back for her age. Lovely head and expression, eyes to drown in. strong bone and feet. Moves really well when she settles down with long easy stride, low covering ground. Beautiful sweep over the loin. Lovely neck. I like her a lot! Good luck in the future.

2. Ch Hartly Rocking The Red Carpet

Well made bitch, also beautiful lines. Lovely neck and topline with sweep over the loin. Well laid back shoulder and upper arm. Not as long in the ribcage as the first one, little more depth is needed for the age and elbows become a little tied. Although the side gait is low and effortless and covering a lot of ground. Very good proportions in head, well set ears which she carries well. Excellent coat. Very good bone and feet. Another promising youngster.


Intermediate Bitch

1. Peerielee Something About Her

Excellent type and proportion, keeps its profile on standing and on the move. Very well angulated in front and rear, well bodied in between. Very good head, ok ears and eyes, strong jaws. Moves easy and effortless and low. Nice sweep over the loin. Strong bone and feet. Excellent coat.

2. Ch Beauideal Fancy Free

Excellent outline, really beautiful on the stand. Ribcage could be a little deeper to give support to the elbows, becomes a little out toeing when standing,  also loose coming and going. Excellent head and expression and well set ears, beautiful eyes and strong jaws. Nice topline, really good knee and hock angle. A little bit happy over her tail. Excellent coat. Not as good as the first one in construction and body.

3. Summerset Magic Games

Beautiful outline standing. A bit narrow in front coming and going and a little cow hocked in rear. Beautiful neck, topline. Excellent head and expression, well set ears. Suitable bone and feet but could have a bit more support for the elbows on the move and a little bit more slope in the pasterns.


Australian Bred Bitch (Australian Bred in Show)

1. Ch Hartly That’s That (Reserve Bitch Challenge)

Refined bitch with lovely silhouette both standing and going. Really well made head with nice proportions suitable to her size, well set ears which she carries well. Well bodied, a little bit loose in elbows but doesn’t affect the movement. Lovely neck and sweep over the loin. Lovely hindquarters which she uses really effortless in her side gait, true coming and going. Typical coat, although not in her top condition today. Could stand stronger on the pasterns but doesn’t affect her movement. Like her a lot!

2. Daydream Lady Luck

A bitch on the bigger side, but a beautiful outline with lovely neck and topline, well laidback shoulder, a little bit loose in elbow and a could be a little bit stronger hocks. But her silhouette standing and going is beautiful. Well made head, excellent eyes on the correct place, little bit wide ears but they are carried well. Strong bite. Lovely bone and feet. Is not moving as true as the first one coming and going, and in the side gait.

3. Shelbrae Some Days R Diamonds

Very good head and expression. Becomes a little low in shoulder on the move as she is weak in pastern and has flat front feet. Well laid shoulder and upper arm, good forechest and body, croup is a bit steep. Which makes her rear movement a little bit under the body. And she is a bit heavy in her side gait, true coming a going. Correct coat. Well handled and lovely sweet temperament.


Open Bitch (Open in Show)

1. Sup Ch Hartly Keep On Shining (Bitch Challenge)

Excellent type, both standing and moving and keeps her beautiful silhouette. Beautiful neck and topline, with correct sweep over the loin. Beautiful head and expression, correct set of ears and eyes. Excellent front, forechest and ribcage, framed with excellent angulation in front and rear. Long low effortless movement. Excellent coat structure. For me this bitch screams breed type to 100%! Just love her!

2. Ch Sheldan Give Me Some Time

Lovely bitch, also well made with a very good forechest, well angulated front and rear. Nice depth of ribcage, but not as good as the 1st one. Becomes a little flat in topline on the move and also when I go over her with my hands. Excellent bone. Well made head, correct set ears which she carries well. Excellent eyes. Moves well from all sides.


Bitch Challenge – Sup Ch Hartly Keep On Shining (BISS)

Reserve Challenge – Ch Hartly That’s That (RUBISS)

~ ~ ~

Best in Show
Sup Ch Hartly Keep On Shining

Runner up Best in Show
Ch Hartly That’s That



Neuter Dog

1.Neut Ch Herdsman True Colours (Neuter Dog Challenge)

A neutered big male, nice proportions between muzzle and skull, little bit wide set ears. Strong jaws, correct eyes. Front a little forward set and together with long loin makes him a little long. Moves really easy, but a bit short. Well ribbed back. Good forechest and nice croup and hindquarters. Coat of nice length, a little bit soft but that is what you can expect. Excellent bone and feet. Lovely temperament. Well presented.


Dog Challenge – Neut Ch Herdsman True Colours

Reseve Dog Challenge – n/a


Neuter Bitch

1.Gr Ch Beauideal Tres Chic (Neuter Bitch Challenge)

Lovely outline, strong neck, typical sweep over the croup. Balanced angulated in the front and rear. Well made head with lovely expression with dignity, strong jaws, well carried ears. Very good coat to be a neuter. Strong bone and feet. Moves absolutely fabulous, low and effortless, true coming and going. Tribute to the owner to keep her in that shape when she is 7 years old.

2.Ch Peerielle Bonus Edition (Reserve Neuter Bitch Challenge)

Also well made bitch, also has that bit of dignity in the eye which they get when they are a little bit older. Little bit big ears but she carries them well. Strong jaws. A little bit flat in topline but a beautiful neck, also very well angulated with a nice forechest and well ribbed back. Surprisingly, really lovely coat although she is neutered. Moves also really low and effortless. A little bit tied coming and going.  Two lovely neuter bitches.


Neuter Bitch Challenge – Gr Ch Beauideal Tres Chic

Reserve Neuter Bitch Challenge – Ch Peerielle Bonus Edition

~ ~ ~

Best Neuter in Show
Gr Ch Beauideal Tres Chic

Runner up Best Neuter in Show
Ch Peerielee Bonus Edition

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